BinWeevils Help !

How can I contact someone at Bin Weevils?

To get in touch with the Bin Weevils Team, please email: – don’t forget to include your Weevil Name!

What is the difference between a Bin Weevil and a Bin Tycoon?

To become a Bin Weevil is FREE, but if you want to unlock loads of cool extras in the Bin World such as owning a magazine and disco business you will have to become a Bin Tycoon member. To become a Bin Tycoon check out the Membership section.

What is Mulch?

Mulch is weevil money. You can see how much mulch you have by looking on the left side of your screen. To spend your mulch click on the map button and go to the Shopping Mall. Here you can buy loads of cool nest items

How do I earn Mulch?

There are many ways to earn Mulch. Each day, you can play the Brain Strain game in Lab’s Laboratory. You can only play once a day but it is a great way to earn Mulch.

You can also earn Mulch by playing other games around the Bin, such as Weevils Wheels, Mulch Tastic, Konnect Mulch, pool, Crosswords and Word searches. Just have a walk around all the areas and you#ll soon find a great game to play!

Why do I need to look after my Bin Weevil?

Keeping your weevil in tip top condition gives you the fastest possible way to earn experience points. When your Bin Weevil levels-up you will unlock new features such as games, nest items and special moves.

How do I look after my Bin Weevil?

There are 3 things you need to do to care for your weevil:
1. Keep it FIT – the fitter your weevil is, the faster its energy will refill, meaning it can perform special moves more often. You can check your fitness levels on the Fitness bar.
2. Keep it FED – a hungry weevil will become unhappy and also unfit. It will also limit the amount of energy it has to perform special moves. You can check your health levels on the Health bar.
3. Keep it HAPPY – Keeping your weevil happy means it can earn more experience points and therefore level up faster! You can check your happiness level on the Happiness tool bar.

How do I get to a higher level?

To level up, you need to earn Experience Points. To see how much experience your weevil has, hover your mouse over the Level icon.

How do I earn Experience Points?

You can earn Experience Points (XP) in a variety of Bin activities such as:

  • Buying nest items in the Shopping Mall
  • Getting your nest rooms rated by other weevils (the more rooms you have, the more experience you will earn)
  • Taking part in the Daily Brain Strain in Lab’s Laboratory
  • Playing multiplayer games
  • Taking part in SWS missions

How do I keep my Bin Weevil fit?

Keep it fit by performing various special moves such as dancing, jumping and flapping your arms around like a crazy weevil! To do these moves click on the green action button and select a move.

How do I perform a more impressive special move?

Everytime you level up, you will be rewarded a new special move. Sometimes the special move will be an upgrade to an existing move, you can tell because they will be coloured differently. To perform a more impressive move, click and hold on the move until it has finished cycling through the colours, then release and click on the floor to perform the move.

How do I feed my Bin Weevil?

You can buy food from Tum’s Diner (found in Rum’s Airport) or Figg’s Cafe (found beside Rigg’s Palladium).

How do I keep my Bin Weevil happy?

There are loads of ways to keep your Bin Weevil happy, such as:

  • Buying nest items in the Shopping Mall
  • Rating other Bin Weevils’ nests
  • Playing multiplayer games including Weevil Wheels
  • Watching videos in Riggs Palladium
  • Playing the Daily Brain Strain game
  • Completing crosswords and word searches.


Nest rating is when another Bin Weevil visits your nest and rates each room buy clicking on the rating Stars. Your nest score will be displayed on your Nest Score board inside your nest. Please remember, just because a Bin Weevil is visiting your nest it does not mean they have to rate your nest. If they choose not to this is their choice and you cannot force them.

How do I invite other weevils to my nest?

Click on the Bin Weevil you wish to invite to your nest. Then click on the Invite To My Nest button. Sending out a nest invitation does not necessarily mean the other Bin Weevil will accept it and visit your nest.

Why isn’t my nest rating going up?

To make things fair in the Bin, you can only get your nest rated 8 times per room, per day. So the more rooms you have, the more ratings you can get, and therefore more experience you can earn in a day.

Why does my weevil look unhappy?

Your weevil looks unhappy because your food, fitness and happiness levels are low. To make your weevil happy again increase your food, fitness and happiness levels. You Bin Weevils face will change depending on its happiness

How can I buy more rooms for my nest?

To buy more rooms visit Rigg’s Property Shop in the Shopping Mall. If you are not a Bin Tycoon you are only able to buy 1 extra room for your nest.
Bin Tycoons can have up to 8 rooms. The more rooms you have, the more experience you could earn.

How do I decorate my nest?

First you will need some nest items, visit the Shopping Mall to buy some, then go back to your nest to decorate your room.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is the time that you have to wait before the nest item you have bought appears in your My Stuff treasure box.

Where will my nest items be delivered?

Your nest items will be delivered to your ‘My Stuff’ treasure chest in your nest. Click on the treasure chest to see all your nest items.

How do I move my nest items around my room?

Simply click and hold your mouse down on the nest item and drag it around the screen. When you are happy with its position let go of the mouse.

Why can’t I buy some nest items or play some of the games?

You will need to achieve a higher level. This will unlock new features, special moves, nest items and SWS missions.

What is a nest power generator?

A nest power generator provides fuel to power your nest. The more rooms and nest items you have, the more fuel you will need.

My nest has gone dark and no one can rate my nest.

You will need to top-up your power. To do this click on your nest power generator and select how much fuel you want to buy.

How do I make new friends on Bin Weevils?

To make friends you can send them a Buddy Request. To do this click on the Bin Weevil you want to be friends with and then click on the Buddy Request button. If they accept your request their Bin Weevil name will be added to your Buddy List.

What is a Buddy List?

A Buddy List is a list of all your Bin Weevil friends. You can have up to 60 buddies. If your Buddy List is full you will have to delete some buddies to add new buddies.

How do I remove a Bin Weevil from my Ignore List?

Click on their name and click on the red X on their profile.

How do I send a private message?

You can only send a private message to Bin Weevils that are on your Buddy List. To do so, click on the buddy you wish to send a message to, click on the envelope and type a message. The message will be sent to their Nest Mail box. Remember all messages on Bin Weevils are being watched by moderators

How many Bin Pets can I have?

At the moment, you can only have 1 Bin pet.

How do I look after my Bin Pet?

Keep your pet health and happy you have to make sure it sleeps, eats and exercises.

How to feed my Bin Pet?

To feed your pet, buy pet food from the Pet Shop in the Shopping Mall. Click on the pet bowl and add food, your pet will then eat the food.

How to exercise my Bin Pet?

The more you play with your pet the fitter and healthier it will be and the quicker your pets experience will go up. The higher experience your pet has the more cool things it will be able to do.
To play with your pet simply click on your pet and then select from the different pet actions that are on display.

What is an SWS Agent?

To become an SWS Agent click on Tink (red weevil picture in your nest) and you will have to complete a mission that takes you around the Bin World. When you become a SWS Agent this will unlock more missions and secret areas around the Bin. You do not need to be a Bin Tycoon member to do this

How do I take pictures with the Weevil Camera?

When you become a Bin Tycoon, a camera Icon will appear on the bottom right of your screen. Click on this and select a frame, then click on the Red Button on the top of your screen. To look at your pictures click on the camera icon.

What is Weevil Weekly Magazine?

Weevil Weekly is the official Bin Weevils magazine with all the Bin News. To read Weevil Weekly visit the Weevil Post in Rigg’s Palladium.

How can I win a trophy on Weevil Wheels?

To earn a trophy on Weevil Wheels you will need to match these racing times:
Track 1:
bronze 0:45 / silver 0:37 / gold 0:30

Track 2:
bronze 1:30 / silver 1:15 / gold 1:00

Track 3:
bronze 1:50 / silver 1:35 / gold 1:20

have registered for Bin Tycoon but I have not received 5000 mulch, what should I do?

To collect your 5000 mulch please visit the cash machine in Rigg’s Palladium


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